Encore ES230/220/210

Track Power Flow and Energy Costs

Reducing consumption during peak times or shifting loads to off-peak times can save a typical commercial or industrial facility from ten to fifty percent annually on energy costs. By monitoring energy consumption on a continuous basis using the ES Series DataNode, energy and demand data can be gathered for an entire facility and at key consumption points including energy-intensive processes and key machinery. The ES Series DataNode is part of Encore Series Software, which automatically plots and trends this data to develop daily, weekly, monthly or yearly load profiles. Encore Series Software can also alert the user to shed loads before a new demand level is reached. The available Energy Usage Answer Module® enables Encore Series Software to aggregate energy from multiple points, compute costing information and provide other advanced energy reports. This information can be reconciled with operating data from other systems, including building automation and process control, to understand how variations in facility operations affect the load profile and electricity bill.

Facilities armed with load profile data are better positioned to negotiate energy purchase contracts. Data from the ES Series DataNode can be used to develop a price/risk curve for evaluating options such as fixed, time-of-use, and real-time pricing plans. Without this data, a facility might incur much higher energy or peak-demand charges than necessary, or carry more than the appropriate level of risk.
Evaluate Energy Reduction Strategies.

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ES Series Energy Management DataNode’s

Encore Series™ enables users to understand and manage energy consumption
To succeed in today’s fiercely competitive business environment, companies must reduce both production and service costs. Since energy represents a significant portion of these costs, energy management becomes a key factor in cost reduction. The ES Series Energy Management DataNode’s® are designed to help you manage energy consumption. The ES210 and ES220 DataNode’s measure more than 60 parameters, including true RMS voltage and current, kW, kVA, KVAR, power factor, frequency. The ES230/ES230s DataNode’s add Vthd, Ithd and individual harmonics to the 15th. ES Series DataNode’s are available in the standard DIN96 or DIN144 sizes and can be used as stand alone panel meters or, by adding an available Ethernet or serial interface the ES Series can be used with web browser based Encore Series Software for remote access to real time and recorded data.


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ES210/ES220: 60+ parameters including true RMS voltage and current, kVA, kVAR, kW, PF, frequency, kWh, demand
ES230/ES230S: Adds VTHD, ITHD and harmonics to the 15th


ES210/ES220: Single phase, 3-phase, 500VAC L-L or 290VAC L-N, 50/60Hz, 0.5% accuracy, Screw terminals
ES230/ES230s: Single phase, 3-phase, 500VAC L-L or 290VAC L-N, 50/60Hz, 0.2% accuracy, Screw terminals


ES210/ES220: 5A or 1A nominal, 0.5% accuracy Screw terminals
ES230/ES230s: 5A or 1A nominal, 0.2% accuracy Screw terminals


Available RS232/RS485 Modbus RTU
Available: 10/100baseT Ethernet (RJ45), Modbus TCP

Instrument Power

ES210/ES220/ES230/ES230s: 85 to 253V AC/DC, 45 to 400Hz. <3 VA (without extension module)
Screw terminals

Available Enclosures

Panel Mount
ES220/ES230: DIN144, 144 x 144 x 46mm, ABS plastic
ES210/ES230s: DIN96, 96 x 96 x 46mm, ABS plastic


ES210/ES220/ES230/ES230s: 14mm red LED Digital Display, adjustable brightness. Number of digits: Measured values, 4 digits with sign. Energy counters: 8 digits (top + middle display)


ES210/ES220/ES230/ES230s: Operating temperature: -10 to +55°C Indoor use only

Safety and Compliance

ES210/ES220/ES230/ES230s: CE, IEC1010, EN61010. Protection class II. Enclosure protection: Front IP66, terminals IP20