HVPD Longshot™ Diagnostic OLPD Test Unit


  • Automatic identification and classification of PD type with the EventRecogniser© module
  • Synchronous, wideband (0–200MHz), 4-Channel data acquisition
  • Suitable for off‑line PD commissioning testing with Resonant Test Sets (10–400 Hz)
  • Streamlined data acquisition using PDGold© v8 software
  • Diagnostics and report generation in PDReader© v8 software
  • Optional PDMap© v8 software expansion software module and HVPD Portable Transponder System to enable On‑line Cable Mapping (PD site location) along long lengths of cables
  • Multiple units can be daisy-chained to provide multiple measurement points along an HV/EHV cable for HV withstand and PD commissioning testing


  • Detects the early stages of insulation degradation by the sensitive measurement of PD levels, providing an ‘early warning’ against high voltage insulation faults
  • Typical diagnostic OLPD ‘spot‑test’ time of 10 minutes per asset
  • Short‑term OLPD monitoring (typically used overnight) of up to 48 hours
  • Multi‑applications testing (cables, switchgear, rotating HV machines, transformers, etc.)
  • Available with a wide range of OLPD sensors for all applications and voltage levels
  • Supplied with HVPD’s 12-month, 50x data file free data analysis and reporting service package.
  • Light and portable diagnostic test unit with a proven track record in testing all types of MV/HV/EHV plant


Designed for diagnostic OLPD testing of medium and high voltage assets. The HVPD Longshot™ is designed to be used for both on-line (in-service) and off-line (factory/laboratory) testing. The unit comes with pre-loaded PDGold© and PDReader© v8 data analysis and reporting software. Optional PDMap© expansion software, with the Portable Transponder System, enables On-line Cable Mapping (PD site location) on cables.
Available with a range of sensors and accessories for multiple applications, the unit can be used to test MV, HV and EHV, being the most versatile PD test unit presently in the market. Synchronous and wideband (200 MHz) data acquisition accurately and rapidly measures PD magnitude and wave shapes. This light and portable unit has a typical spot-test time of five to ten minutes per plant item. Short-term OLPD monitoring of up to 48 hours is also possible.


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