PT Dinamika Elektra Mandiri, with an experienced engineering team and supported with special equipment also provides services to the scope of work as follows:
1. Calibration and Testing Protection Relay (Digital / EM). Testing is done to ensure that the relay will or has been installed on the system will be able to work well in case of disturbances,
2. Electricity Quality Measurement, Measurements were taken to detect and record the event of irregularities that occurred in the electrical parameters.
3. Battery capacity test, carried out by using dummy loads to see and test the actual battery capacity.
4. Charging batteries, battery charging job is done well for this type of NiCad or Lead Acid with 170 VDC maximum voltage and current 40Amp.
5. Transducer Calibration, testing done to see the performance of the transducer.
6. Breaker Analysis, to check the timing of main contact.